At Digital Matter, we build custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Our team is highly experienced in developing new software programmes and where appropriate, combining them with the right hardware to meet your requirements.

These cover a wide range of verticals and industries including banking, retail, construction, heavy manufacturing, FMCG and telecoms. Our teams are kept current and up to date on the technology landscape to ensure we can deliver the most innovative, practical and cost effective solutions to our customers unique challenges.

Each solution is designed to be incorporated into your business seamlessly. Web, desktop and mobile applications, integration into your backend legacy systems as well as a range of hosting options are all part of the services we offer.

Our process is to work with you to deliver an answer that fulfils all of your requirements. We start with an exploration of your needs and an assessment of how processes can be improved within your company. Each solution is then designed to your exact needs, and deployed into your environment to help you run your business better. Post go-live maintenance and support is then offered to ensure the solution continues to deliver its mandate even as the technology landscape or our customers requirements might change.

Contact us to learn more about how we can build a custom solution for your company's specific needs.

Some of our success stories

Automating Property Inspections

One of South Africa's leading Property Management companies. Trafalgar Properties - needed to eliminate the paper trail and improve the efficiency of the property inspections. Tasked with the challenge of entry, exit or interim inspections, power, water and gas readings, single studios or multi-storied high rise flats our solution has delivered a simple yet highly effective tool to the inspectors and administrators. By developing a simpler yet feature rich application on and Android tablet and a Web Based management module from where all activities can be controlled, setup, maintained and reported on DM has helped Trafalgar transform the way they carry out their inspections and manage their properties.

Managing your Franchise outlets

This programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Field Service Managers and franchise holding companies. It allows you to carry out site inspections at all of your outlets with ease.

With this software, you're provided with an auditable mechanism that allows you to consolidate, analyse and disseminate the information collected. The solution is completely paperless, making it efficient, convenient and fast.

Controlling personnel on construction and utility sites

Large construction and utility sites often struggle with access control and monitoring the movement of staff and contractors on their sites. Traditional bio-metric and gated access control systems are not appropriate for sites of this nature. Remoteness of the locations, lack of power and communication infrastructure means a different approach is required. By incorporating barcode readers and a web based management application this solution has helped our clients record entry and exit movements, flag blacklisted people entering sites, prompt operators of expired (or expiring) medical, licence or certification statuses, control access to high risk areas (underground, blasting zones etc). In addition a wide range of reports generated by the system assist management with daily, weekly and monthly reporting requirements.

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